Mission, Objectives and Values


Fleetwood Town FC Community Trust (FTFCCT) is an independent charity working in partnership with Fleetwood Town Football Club (FTFC). The Trust aims to support and inspire individuals to become physically and emotionally healthy and build strong communities; through increased self value and personal aspiration, within exciting and easily accessible programmes.


  • To provide tangible community outcomes across our key themes of work including sports participation, education, health and social inclusion.
  • Create an activity programme that meets the strategic principles of Fleetwood Town FC, The Football League Trust and supports local and national government policy.
  • To be a self-financing, viable charity embedded within the ethos of the football club.
  • To work with individuals and organisations to establish strong partnerships to develop and deliver evidence-based, beneficial and sustainable community projects.


We have developed a vision for the future, which informs everything we do. This vision is based on six guiding principles:

  • Being at the heart of the community – we will deliver programmes that the community tells us it wants, in the places they want us to be
  • Continuous improvement – we will monitor and evaluate everything we do to inform change pathways and embed reflective practice in staff ethos
  • Credibility – we will market and communicate our achievements to a wide audience, funders and partners
  • Creativity – we will recruit trustees, staff and volunteers who bring added value and positive social impact skills to our programmes
  • Innovate & inspire – we will look at new ways of working and new sports/ activities to engage with community members with barriers to access and participation
  • Accountability – the Trust will have transparent management and reporting procedures, with clear audit trails