We also deliver BalanceAbility to school children in Reception and Year 1. BalanceAbility is a series of school based sessions that aims to give children the basic balance and co-ordination skills they will need to ride a bike. It involves fun games carried out on balance bikes (bikes without pedals) to develop handling and awareness.

Balance Ability will provide children with a positive early experience of being on two wheels and give them the skills that they will need to take part in Bike ability Level 1.

Bike-ability research has found that 40% of 6 year olds are unable to ride a bike. Part of the reason for this is that children often get stuck using a bike with stabilisers or a tricycle, and are unable to progress easily using a bike without stabilisers. By using balance bikes with no pedals, Bike ability Balance sessions focus on developing balance, rather than the ability to pedal. Achieving this helps children make the transition to using a bike with pedals.

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